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Inside Avant-Garde is a platform designed to create a place for people to visit if they enjoy informational entertainment. There is no rule book for what is displayed here. It's a space for provocative, challenging, artistic and truthful content that is a result of following where the heart and soul choose to go. I hope to share insight with you, about what I think matters. I love learning and will share my research with you and any interviews executed with unique, different and beautiful people; also reviews on all kinds of film. Sharing short stories, poetry and showcasing brilliant fashion and other types of art too can be expected!

About: Cast & Crew

Ashley Geoghegan

Creative Writer

Hi, my name is Ashley.

 I am a creative freelance writer: Progressive, freethinking and persuasive, with a natural ability to think outside the box. I have always loved writing since I was a child. It was through doing makeup for film and commercial in my early twenties, where I discovered my desire to direct, which ultimately led to reconnecting with my passion for writing. I'm devoted to making a positive impact upon the world, and its people; believing that film is one of the best ways forward for change!

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