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'A culture of cowards, low character and toxicity'

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Unfortunately, the internet is a hot haven for predators as they are fundamentally cowards by design. The internet provides a perfect environment for such faceless characters to immerse themselves in their delight of invading another human-beings life. Different reasons trigger the motivation, be it either personal political or business-related endeavours. It's easy and necessary for the cybercriminal to carry out their conduct under the radar; as such, the internet is one of the favourite and useful 'devil's playground.'

Apart from the typical cybercriminals who maliciously attack systems mainly for business or political purpose, there are other evil nasties to which to be mindful. Predators who gain satisfaction from bullying are protected online due to being able to operate from false accounts while causing another person much misery. People have suicided as a consequence to such gross and most often unpunished criminality; from being continuously bullied and harassed online even directly from people they know.

There are many trolls online, particularly on the leading news platforms of social media. They exist for business, political and personal reasons; usually to destroy the credibility and reputation of their intended target. The damage and malevolence can be extreme as there are individuals used or perpetrators who have IT skills and their methods are crafty. Some trolls are low enough to create false accounts presented as though the targeted person is operating in disguise from a fake account themselves. They do this by simulating the targeted individual speech pattern manner etc. from hacked information they have obtained, such as written email/messages; in a subtle way outside viewers are tricked into thinking that the troll is someone they know.

Then there is stalking. The internet and social media applications can leave a victim vulnerable to a stalking predator who doesn't hesitate to invade a person's right to privacy. A stalker especially one with money and connections can monitor your every move and be one step ahead of everything you do in life by gaining access to your entire world via social media and the net.

Image credit: Mark Konig

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