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A Portrait of a 'Fun and gifted Animator'

Anthony was blessed from life's start, born into the stronghold of two adoring parents, Olga and Bert—a short journey home from Manly Hospital, arriving at his humble abode. The sweet, salty air gushed through the windows at night, and the bright city lights flickered in the distance. A magical fairy castle on the horizon was lit up, adding to the excitement. It was positioned close to the army barracks that could only be seen in the light of the day as it was a secret hidden from sight along the cliff face of North Head. The glistening sun upon the emerald ocean made it clear that the view was glimpsed from heaven.


The obscure walls in the living room were dark and textured with light frames fitting to Dracula or a haunted house. The pianola would often play by itself, enhancing the spooky ambience. The posh baby pink and Jett black bathroom with a fish head for the bath fountain blended well with the shaggy white carpet flooring, missing a piece leading to a stairwell without railing and an underground basement with a concrete ceiling. It was a fanfare with metals, plastics, and old ware. The faintest smell of tobacco permeated the air from a dedicated collection of ashtrays. H is a black dog named after the writer and, ironically, Anthony's father. H.G. Wells loved to skid down the freshly mowed slope of green grass. With such a unique foundation, Anthony became a gifted animator.


Possessing a signature style of abstract art, oozing with bold, bright colours framed with hints of dark. In contrast to Anthony's character, he developed into quite a serious and reserved fellow. He keeps his cards drawn into his chest but never loses his quest for excitement, fun-loving and happiness. His will to remain young at heart has fuelled the energy required for his travel itinerary. With Lutheran German heritage, his physicality fits nicely. Sporting Alabaster skin and strong facial features, his wrestler's physique is a reward for his favourite downtime hobby. If there is a place he finds an ethereal feeling, it's in the remote countryside when he is reflecting, staring out at the deep, dark sky connecting with the stars that flicker and shine. It's here that he realises his place in the bigger picture.


Marriage was never on his agenda, but when he met the one, his confidant, he realised its importance. So, to this day, they remain united as one.

Image credit: Will Turner

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