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A Portrait of a 'Lady of the Light'

Sophie was a Prussian-German Princess catapulted into humble beginnings, framed with an edge for prosperity and attainable success. Cast away into a hardened other land where people spoke another language and lived the rules from a different page. With perhaps a push from her mother, Sophie was brave, especially if it were her choice. To dive into a deep and dark pit surely must have been complex. A voluptuous lady with a porcelain, ivory complexion. Rosey red cheeks and blue eyes absent from sin, with a noticeable depth and telling of something otherworldly buried underneath the skin.


Upon her engagement to the Russian Prince, orchestrated by Elisabeth the Empress, the woman Sophie convinced Sophie became Catherine, and who changed her name is anyone's guess. Catherine and Peter's intimacy was thrust into chaos, and the reasons were lost in filthy, murky waters. The death of an infant and extramarital affairs, questions surrounding infertility, and who are Catherine's children. Russia's icy bleakness and the hard concrete sterile walls of the palace, eerily high ceilings and metal finishings, made only a little warmer by the finest gold trimmings. The reality one may never know, but it is easy to imagine that it was akin to a living hell. Aside from the facts and truth of her story, one thing is for sure: she was resilient and courageous evermore. 


Continuing throughout life's journey, embracing much, living her best, full of art, richness, and love. Leaving traces of her mind behind in her writings buried with playwrights, memoirs and more. Absorbing the age of enlightenment even though it is clear Sophie already had a light force behind her. To do what she did in such a place, even if sometimes she failed at grace. Judged for having love affairs was nothing compared to her commitment and passion to love and relate on a soulful level and much more than physical.


After rising from an intense night of slumber, Catherine suffered a stroke. During her life journey, she was a victim of injustice from shallow, nasty voices of gossip and distaste. As disturbing and vulgar as what was to follow, cemented in stone, is the cold, hard fact that she was truly great, and her brutal defamers are the epitome of low. Her spirit enticed fury, but to put it simply, Sophie embodied what is buried deep within every woman: strength, intuition, and beauty. Intellect, grace, wisdom, and courage. Lying in history is the affirmative truth, as she was fit to be crowned in 'The Philosophers Thrown.'

Image credit: Joshua Hibbert 


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