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'Cybersecurity and the Darkside'

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Cybersecurity is the defence system against the malicious attack upon technical devices and systems; including computers, mobile phones, internet servers, all electronic systems, data and various networks. The malicious cyberattacks ultimately designed to manipulate, access or sabotage information; to hinder the functional ability for companies to succeed in their business practices and to extort money from them. Cybersecurity fits into sub-categorial technological security of, network, application, information, operational, recovery and continuity as well as end-user education.

On a global scale, the cyber threat is increasing with surprising speed. The most targeted for a data breach are those that the cyber-criminal will benefit the most by exploiting, that being from financial and or medical data. Every business, however, is vulnerable to a malicious attack with their data being compromised, for customer attacks and corporate espionage. There are several types of threats within the realm of Cybersecurity. A cybercrime is orchestrated by solo operators or groups whose aim is to gain financially from their chosen target or to sabotage them in some sense. A cyberattack is a form of attack usually motivated for a political purpose. And, cyberterrorism is a type of cybercrime intended to create fear and cause anxiety by undermining the system.

It is important to note that it is becoming challenging to ward off malicious behaviour and protect systems due to there being more devices in comparison to people, with the cybercriminals becoming more creative with their endeavours.

It is advisable to install antivirus software onto your devices, that will also keep your system software updated for ample protection. Never open unfamiliar attachments such as emails or text from suspicious or unknown senders as this is a method the cybercriminal can use to spread malware, harming your system. Don't use unsecured networks (Wi-fi) in public areas and always choose your password carefully; they should not be obvious, weak or easy. Please see link for malware protection.

Image credit: Michael Dziedzic

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