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'The correlation between society and social media'

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Social media is a platform which is now a significant part of our society and could be considered a fundamental need for business and connection. It has made an impact on many levels of organisation affecting politics, business practice, social behaviour, motivations and their outcomes. A higher level of stalking, bullying and harassment within society has evolved due to perpetrators of such conduct being able to commit the criminal actions without being caught.

The internet provides an abundance of information at your fingertips. We are very fortunate to be living in a time when we can access limitless research material on anything and everything. The downside to this is that people are believing and absorbing everything they read before checking the material is quality and fact-checked information. Similarly, an individual's credibility and reputation are at risk of destruction due to false information taken as the truth about them presented on the internet.

Most people have one if not all social media applications, allowing them to create a profile, share information and connect for business, family and pleasurable purposes. Unfortunately, there are downsides to such apps, such as they can be time-wasting, addictive and grounds for cowardly online predators. Predators online who bully, troll, stalk, harass, hack and defame have caused people to commit suicide. Their criminal behaviour is difficult to pinpoint from a legal perspective as they use fake accounts and other people to do their dirty work for them. A victim of such a predator can have their entire life derailed, with their privacy and identity stripped away from them.

The upside is, especially in these COVID times, that no matter how physically isolated a person may-be, social media will forever keep them connected to people in society. It is also a place where one can use their voice to tell their story and set the record straight if they do fall victim to cybercriminals in business and personal matters. One of the most critical aspects of social media is the positive changes it has made on subjects that matter. And the highlighting of critical human issues allowing society to connect and create charity events/organisations, spreading awareness of urgency for humanity. Please see link for Playing for Change

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