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'The dark world of psychopathy'

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

Psychopathy is still to this day one of life's great unsolved and perplexing mysteries. It's a dark topic that causes much controversy within society. There have been professionals who have dedicated many years of their professional life researching the subject, but still, there are pieces to the puzzle missing.

The psychopath is very active and causes much destruction upon the world and its people. As well as being full of energy, the psychopath is exceptionally tricky and could quite easily be mistaken for being the devil; or simply just is the devil in action himself. The psychopath can be male or female -- is ruthless, callous and incredibly cunning; equipped with exemplary lying skills.

He is an evil predator with an insatiable appetite for power and control, and one should be careful not to underestimate him. His capacity for evil is beyond belief. Unfortunately, a neurotypical person would never imagine the psychopath's malevolent capability; if they fall victim to it, they suffer the trauma of encountering it severely. Psychologist Jordan Peterson 2017 believes that for people to heal from the damage caused by malevolence, they need to develop a good understanding of what evil is. Speaking from personal experience, I entirely agree with this.

Generally, it is the goodwill of the targeted individual, which leaves them wide open for attack; the psychopath has a remarkable ability to read people and carefully selects their prey.

Peterson considers malevolence to be the most critical issue with the psychopath and says with all due respect to the professionals in the field, that it needs to be thoroughly investigated and not just skimmed over as it has continued to be from a scientific standpoint. He also believes that taking a spiritual approach to the problem is paramount for redemption and discovering more answers. I strongly agree with this too.

Interestingly, the psychopath sets out to destroy and take the light away from their chosen ones, who are most often full of brightness and life.

Psychiatrist Dr Peck 2005 expresses the challenge of exploring evil beings beyond the surface due to their natural avoidance of the light. In his book' Glimpses of the Devil' (Peck2005) shows an exorcism is essential before any psychiatric treatment can work. A significant indication of the patient being free of the devil after undergoing an exorcism is the sudden display of humility they exude.

Hancock, Woodworth & Porter 2011 discovered that psychopaths operate from a reptilian place of the mind and are cemented in the lowest ego developmental stage of human existence. So, they may never develop properly or experience spiritual enlightenment to reach their highest self.

Although the psychopath displays grotesque selfishness and emotional deprivation; functioning with little to no conscience, he seemingly is not lacking in intellectual capacity. When speaking of high emotion, he struggles, even though often gifted verbally. According to Dr Hare 1993, a psychopath will use more hand gestures when speaking in terms of emotion to help with the communication flow as he doesn't feel nor understand what he is saying.

There is currently no known solution to fix the problem scientifically, but there is faith from a spiritual perspective for the healing and redemption of the psychopath.

It is thought-provoking to note the low ego developmental theory and new-found humble way of the person healed from an exorcism. It's logical to assume that there needs to be a distinct difference established between the ego and the devil; before the complete truth of the matter is realised. Until then, the psychopath will remain a dark, disturbing and detrimental mystery to us all.

Some armour to use in defence against a psychopath is to:

Always trust yourself. Your immediate instinct upon meeting someone is correct; a moment after enables the psychopath to mess with your psyche – to gaslight you. They are masters of mental manipulation and triggering their victim off balance to doubt their sanity.

An excellent way to recognise one is in their eyes. Their eyes appear lifeless and unreadable which expresses the soul's vacancy.

In his book 'Without Conscience' (Hare1993) explains it's crucial to know yourself. Psychopaths read and size people up well. If you know yourself and appreciate your frailty, you will be aware of their attempts at exploitation.

If you do find yourself isolated, please know that there are many altruistic, insightful and emotionally intelligent people in our society; wise to the truth. If you feel or are made to believe you are alone, please know, you never really are.

Keeping the faith, whatever that means for you and an exquisite sense of humour will help a lot.

There are plenty of services available such as lifeline or reputable, trustworthy psychologists if you feel you need support.

On a final note, I think that just like one needs to be wary of someone who is living from their ego regardless of 'psychopathy'. One must be mindful when operating from a place of ego or not consciously aware of the fact; so that they don't become entirely pulled into the psychopath's realm. The only other way from what I can see further than the psychopath playing on someone's ego to entice them is to play on someone's faith in love. So ultimately if a person is evolved, blessed with self-love, and humility; they may become a victim momentarily, but never the devil's or psychopath's slave.


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