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'The world of podcasts'

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

Most people are reasonably familiar with podcasts by now — the word podcast was born from a linguistic blend of the terms iPod and broadcast. I only experienced my first podcast listening session about six months ago. The series was titled "I catch killers" by former homicide detective Garry Jubelin. They are fascinating podcasts in which Jubelin interviews detectives handpicked from whom he highly respects. Please see link below

A podcast is a crafted series of verbal communication from a single, pair or group of speakers. Communication dialogue once recorded, is downloaded onto the audio files, which is then easily downloaded to the listener's device. They cover a diverse array of topics from fiction to pressing real-life issues, interviews, debates and discussions. It is an affordable often free platform which provides informational entertainment for listeners. Content is produced from a script or developed from improvisation; some are recorded live with or without an audience.

Often podcasts are affiliated with a website containing information of their subjects; showcasing their guests which includes a forum for their audience to discuss topics. Most radio stations have a podcast series, for example, the ABC host on a variety of current and historical news issues. Businesses can use their podcast to present information to a colleague, business associate or potential client. They also use them to explain new company rules and regulations to their existing employees. Some challenges seeming to arise from the medium is that it may prove challenging to find a target audience; it's essential to establish a marketing strategy for success for your podcast. It's imperative to have copyright in place for the protection of your own or someone else's material that you may use for your show.

For those who love music; the Sydney Opera House quotes that they are "Bringing our stages to your sofa, our new digital program comes to you weekly from our House to yours." They offer a variety of unique and exciting sessions for a diverse culture of people of all ages. Their topics include interviews, intellectual and cultural discussions, as well as creative artistic talks. In addition to this, there are artists playlists inclusive of their performance, that one would in regular times, view and listen to within the Opera House. Please find attached link below.

Image credit: Austin Distel

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