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'What's in store for the universe & future of the internet – social media'

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

'What's in store for the universe & future of the internet – social media'

As it stands, Facebook continues to excel, dominating social media applications. It has almost reached the astounding mark for three billion users, an achievement completed by no other social media platform. The future and possibilities for such a platform are limitless, and with continuous innovation from more and more people, anything is possible. The internet, as a whole, currently makes life much more straightforward and functional for the average individual and business. And will no doubt continue to evolve, creating new and exciting components to itself.

Learning is becoming increasingly easier for many students of all subjects as there is an abundance of learning programmes, lectures etc. at your fingertips! With more learning elements developed all the time. Masterclass, for example, is a website providing a professional, diverse selection of high-quality masters of their field; who teach through filmed private lectures, providing a workbook to download. This would not have been dreamed of as a reality a decade ago so there is no telling what the future holds for learning. As it became necessary to work and study from the home of late, many people have realised they thrive in such an environment. We will see an increase in people choosing such an option for future study/work.

It has become easier for budding filmmakers to learn the tricks of the trade from online learning sources as well as from advanced software such as premiere pro. This learning capability will hopefully extend to higher levels in the future as the medium of film is a very effective method for the creation of world change. There has been a recent spike in internet users, particularly since the COVID pandemic began and usage will only continue to expand; with it becoming essential for connectivity. More consumers are shopping online now for all sorts of products with more retailers abandoning their retail outlets and operating solely from online. Currently, there are incredibly well-designed games available online for gamers, and it will be interesting to see the brilliance the future holds within the gamer's universe. Please see link below for the Masterclass website.

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